3 Industries In Which Artificial Intelligence Can Do Miracles In The Coming Years

3 Industries In Which Artificial Intelligence Can Do Miracles In The Coming Years

October 23, 2019 0 By admin

AI has completely changed the thought process and the working mindset of several industries and preparing to expand in more areas. From cellphones to automobiles, AI is dominating the world by connecting them with advanced methodologies of data analysis and prediction. The ideology behind AI is to first understand the problem, find the solution of minimal efforts, test it by using some cases so that it can perform according to the human needs, and finally store the previous results and predict the future result or the market behaviour.

By the year 2020, the estimated global market of robotics and artificial intelligence will reach up to ~$153Billion or even more. The productivity of several industries like automobiles, food, medical, etc will be increased by 30% or even more. With the help of various Natural Language Processing(NLP) algorithms, tech giants like Google, YouTube, and Facebook are able to understand the specific needs of their customers and tries to provide them with a better experience.
It is widely used in space exploration missions and which help scientists to predict the behaviour and conditions in outer space. Also one can gain knowledge about AI with deep study and for that, they can use Paytm Mall Offers to get some study reference material.

Artificial Intelligence also helped in extended corporate business and even used to predict some sports matches results based on the previous performance of the sportsperson.
Many of the industries have accepted this revolution of machines and the others are ready to go with it on a long road. AI systems also created the first-ever real image of a Black Hole (M87) by analyzing 50 petabytes of data.

Below are the 3 Industries or sectors in which AI can do miracles in the coming years:

1. Transportation

With an increasing number of vehicles on the road, the traffic and other safety problems are warming up, this increases the accident chances and also a headache for the traffic police. In the year 2015, Washington traffic police accepted the AI algorithms and used them with their road servers which in result, decreased the road jam and accident by15%.

As technology is growing day-by-day, AI is reducing the need for a driver at all. Self-driving cars are the new dominating future of transportation, just sit in your car and go wherever you want without even seeing on the road. Tesla is working aggressively in this field and even tested several models of safety protocols that ensure your safety. The presence of AI-based systems in new vehicles will jump from 8% in 2015 up to 105% by the year 2025.

2. Health Care

This sector is always in a need of latest and perfectly working medical devices, medicines also work differently on different patients. With the help of neural networks, we can design a near-perfect brain map of coma patients or those who are suffering from life taking brain tumor. Robotic surgery is an important aspect of this field, this could increase the success rate of crucial surgeries like brain surgery and heart transplant.

Researchers are also trying to understand the human genome to find a cure for the diseases caused by genetic disorders such as Color-blindness. AI-based instruments and chipsets are being used in many artificial body parts. With a mold of Bio-Technology and AI, the helpless ones can have artificial body parts and can proper working limbs. With the help of intelligent nano-robots, diseases and like ulcers, kidney stones or even cancer cells will be removed easily from the body without any surgery. Several capsules having small electronic sensors will be inserted in the body will help to monitor the body temperature, digestive system, and a lot more things.

3.  Marketing and Advertising

This corner is now using AI more than any of the sectors do. With advanced machine learning algorithms and the analysis of the present data, giants like Amazon and YouTube show you the personal interest content or products and forces you to surf even more. They also using AI-based autonomous systems to have a laser-focused target on the individual’s needs and in interest so that they can provide profit and value to both advertisers and consumers (or viewer).

The information feeds done by the user are highly algorithm-curated and are used in both good and bad ways. Good way: it will show you the content of your interest and will help to give you better user experience, bad way: it will only show the content of your interest which beneficial for the company revenue. These can even be used by politicians at the time of elections to make an influence on the citizens and help them to win. Beside all these cliffs and clumps, AI is growing rapidly and creating new horizons in every field from the ground to space.