Latest innovations in information Technology

In the last 3 years, people are totally less dependent over manpower and rely on the latest innovations in offices, at homes, in hospitals, in educationetc.
The question is what these innovations are?
 Which has totally changed the world in the last 3 years?

Do you know that in these three years IT industry just brought revolutionary changes in our life you won’t believe that your mind can be read by a machine and work accordingly or maybe sometimes you are talking to a person over the internet and you don’t even realize that on the other hand there is no one exist.

yes, its happening different companies introduced different innovations between these 3 years.
now brain control interface type machine can easily capture your thoughts and chatbot type software can answer your questions like humans and even that artificial intelligence made you life also simple you can communicate no matter how far the person is, you can buy/sell you can get information even on single click everything is accessible just because of artificial intelligence .

Artificial intelligence in Mobile Apps

Nobody was expecting a few years back that, one day will come when we will able to using exploring and taking advantages of smart work called artificial intelligence. It like a dream come true nobody could even be imagined putting everything into mobile apps and whoever thinks, they just stepped down after over deep analysis about expense on such apps,but fortunately thanks to Amazon ,facebook and google and last but not the least the Microsoft these were the artificial brilliance that brought innovations on next level . with the help of these tools these apps we can take an advantages of E-commerce artificial world just by opening one app and so many .
We can explore the world we can go through artificial intelligence apps getting the information we can learn we can get the information with the help of none other than Google.


This is the most extraordinary and one of the best inventions so far that makes the user experience so good. Companies specially hired customer representative officers to communicate in a good way with their respective clients but sometimes it is really difficult to answer all the queries at a time, no worries now, because finally, companies brought chatbot in offices. now campaniles acquiring chatbots to answer their customers queries automatically, remember its not an answering machine, it works like a human and if gives the exact answer you are always looking forward. After this innovation, manpower has been reduced and expenses are also reduced and customer is more satisfied because nobody like delay in this technological world.more interestingly chatbot open source is also available on the internet with limited features.


This is something really really special why? mostly people are not answerable when they are not talking to you but you knowing their secrets and you getting your answers this is something that’s called brain-computer interfaces or brain control techniques, with the help of this tool a machine can capture your ideas your thoughts and work accordingly, for instance, you are using youtube, whatever you think this machine will put your eye expressions in search bar and youtube will show the relevant result ,brain control interfaces aren’t interesting , yes it is.

so, here we have discussed some really cool innovations that actually helping lots of people and made their so easy..

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