How To Deactivate, remove and Delete Plenty of Fish Account Easily

How To Deactivate, remove and Delete Plenty of Fish Account Easily

November 22, 2019 0 By admin

POF is known as plenty of fish. A Canadian dating application that came in the know in 2003 and created by Markus Frind (a personal computer engineer) who not just developed plenty of fish but also handled this dating application by himself for many years. Vancouver, British Columbia and Canada are the places where POF has located its headquarters. POF started as an online service in its initial years for users, but later by 2010 it has launched POF phone application for various devices like android, iPhone, I pad, Windows, etc.

POF was not famous before despite been seen in various music videos in 2004 and marked its name when started running as a mobile application. POF mobile application was easy to operate and users get easy access to it. POF implemented several changes based on the market demands and user’s needs. Despite changing several times POF has maintained the quality of its features. POF allowed chatting through its messenger and help users transfer data but the application does not accept the account of users below 14 years. POF later got acquired with The Match Group which also runs other applications as well, like Dallas, OkCupid, and Tinder. This application have access to the users of the UK, US, Australia, Canada, Spain, New Zealand, etc.

As we know it is a social media app that runs in the web market so it is obvious to face tough competition with other dating apps like Happn, Tinder, and OkCupid, etc. but still POF leads the market because of its interesting features. It attracted a wide range of users as people got the platform of meeting strangers, which is something very exciting about wondering for your partner with your busy life. Today no one has time to meet new people and spend time with them to know them in person and there came POF that offered users a digital meeting stage to know each other without sparing time from their hectic schedule. 

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Even after such great experience if one wants to take a leave then there is absolutely a valid reason for that like one finds it boring, not useful, if a user finds other dating application more interesting, got their partner on another site, POF is not working properly on their device but the major reason is that of similar apps in the market which breaks the user of a particular app. Users might find that POF is not focused on its purpose. Some users after using POF for a while realize that a real-life quest is much better than juggling with online strangers on any dating app. If you are the one looking for a method to delete the POF account then your search ends here. You can follow the below-given points to know how to delete POF account.

Delete POF account-

  • Open your POF page
  • Now, submit account details
  • Follow what screen says
  • Select “Delete Account”
  • Choose the valid option that why you want to delete POF
  • Rest for a while until the process completes

Remember when you delete your POF account you cannot get back or run it again, also your account will be invisible to others. In any way, you think you need to visit POF again, at that time you need to create a valid account with proper account details to get access to it. POF is compatible with ON iPhone as well so if you are also an iPhone user and you don’t know how to delete POF account on iPhone then do as instructed. 

Delete POF Account on iPhone-

  • Enter your POF account by visiting POF log in page
  • Press on “Check Mail” 
  • Select Edit Profile option
  • Now, remove profile

These steps will help you delete your POF account on iPhone and you can easily head forward to focus on other important things in life. But in case you are an Android user and facing difficulty deleting the POF account on your Android device then don’t look further as you can solve this issue by following the below stated steps.

Steps for how to delete POF account on Android-

  • First, open browser
  • Browse POF log in page
  • Open your POF account
  • Switch to assist page
  • Select Delete Account option
  • Choose an appropriate reason for leaving POF 

Following these steps, you will be able to delete POF account on your Android device easily. But now if you wonder how to remove POF account from your computer then there is a different method unlike Android and iPhone because of different settings of all the devices. 

Delete POF on Computer

  • Open Browser>POF log in page
  • Submit correct user id and password of your POF account
  • Go to the Menu bar and select ”Help”
  • Select Delete accounts
  • Enter appropriate details of your POF account
  • Click on the option that best defines the reason for your leaving

Congratulations! You have completed deleting your POF account on Windows as well just like on Android and iPhone. POF has provided the best service with excellent quality to maintain its reputation in the web market that has made it stand out from the crowd. As we know it has offered the service in multiple countries also it has provided the POF support service for the ease of those users so that they can run their accounts without facing any hurdle. Even if users want to delete their POF and are unable to delete then they will be helped here for sure.

Hopefully, the above-cited methods are of great use to you and you solved the persisting problems related to POF account. If you are still struggling with POF account problems or unable to resolve your issue with the help of these methods then just go for POF customer support team and contact them through call, text or email so that they help you sort your problem easily and quickly as they have profound knowledge of this stream and are available all the time in order to assist you with the best guidance to enhance your experience using this service.