Ball Valve – Functions & Types

Ball Valve – Functions & Types

January 24, 2020 0 By grabhub

A ball valve is a quarter-turn or a shut-off valve that controls the flow of liquid or gas through perforated, and pivoted surfaces. The flow-through is blocked while rotating the ball to 90 degrees around its axis. Even if you don’t use the valve for a long time, it provides long durability and reliable sealing.

Types of Ball Valves

  • Manual Ball Valves – controls the liquid or gas flow through a rotating ball with a bore. The manual ball valves feature long-life service and reliable operation. The manual ball valves are available in 2-Way connection ports and 3-Way connection ports, having 2 and 3 connection ports respectively.
  • Electric Ball Valves – does the same work as the manual ball valves. In this type, actuated ball valves consume less energy and function with great efficiency. The energy is consumed only at the time of opening or closing the valve, which is actuated by a motor-driven electric actuator. It has a robust construction that provides consistency in terms of performance and durability.
  • Pneumatic Actuated Ball Valves – Remotely controls the flow of liquid and gases. Its actuator opens and closes the valve with compressed air. The actuator is designed to perform a dual role of opening or closing the valve. This type of ball valve contains a hole in which one side allows the flow if it is turned correctly. The ball valve can either be 2 -way or 3-way. These actuators are reliable and are used to control larger valves, compared to electric actuators
  • Floating Ball Valve – This design has been the universal choice for most of the process and utility applications. You can seal by means of applying the pressure to the ball towards the downstream seat, in order to affect a tight seal. Camtech’s floating ball valve has little or no cavity that has a minimized pressure drop. These ball valves are made up of advanced seal technology.
  • Top Entry Ball Valve – Camtech used an advanced design to manufacture a Top Entry Ball Valve. This ball valve is made up of a wide range of diameters and pressure classes. This is used in pipelines and critical process applications. The valves are in completely in the inline field which is repairable. This eliminates the long downtown times. The bolted construction enables on-site dissemblance for inspecting and repair them, if possible. The cover can be removed from the valve body to provide access to the ball and seats through special maintenance tools


When you select a ball valve, you need to find out the compatibility. The valve materials need to go well along with gasses or liquids that flow.

Dhananjay Choudhary holds the post of Managing Director in Camtech Manufacturing FZCO. The company is located in the UAE, Middle East, and North Africa region. Cam Tech deals with various valves. Ball Valve is one among them on which we will discuss.